Universal hardness tester

NEMESIS 9100 Series

General information

The NEMESIS 9100 Series Universal Hardness testing systems provide exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics and an overall enhanced and pleasant experience for the operator. The IMPRESSIONS™ tester control and workflow software, forms an integral component of the testing system. Decreasing set up time and increasing testing efficiency through the use of programmable test patterns and specific designed software applications, developed upon the request of demanding users.

NEMESIS 9100 hardness testing instruments are routinely used for testing metals and plastics, in the aerospace
and automotive industry, laboratories for sample evaluation, or to conduct common but versatile testing tasks.


  • Multi Load Cell, Closed Loop force application system, error <0,25%
  • NEMESIS 9101: 1 kgf - 250 kgf
    NEMESIS 9102: 200 gf - 250 kgf
    NEMESIS 9103: 5 kgf - 3000 kgf
    NEMESIS 9104: 200 gf - 3000 kgf
  • Descending test head, with fixed work piece position
  • 8-position turret with laser positioning system
  • 3 indenter positions, 3 LWD objectives installed (included)
  • 18 megapixels, 4K+, full color, integrated camera system
  • Quick change anvil post & CNC motorized XY-stages, variable stage dimensions and travel ways
  • Full XY-stage overview camera, optical zoom system, with variable field of view
  • TTL power LED, Dual source power LED bank, stage illumination
  • Z-axis with ball bearing spindle
  • Integrated high performance system controller, i7 processor, 120GB mSSD storage
  • Industrial 15” touch screen, option for second screen 15’’ to 55’’ or projector
  • Top-class replaceable body parts, shock proof ABS covers